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Shaoxing villa translation automatic door company


Performance characteristics of panning door: < br / >
1. The door row adopts the design of small inclined pipe sleeve and large inclined pipe. Through the arrangement and combination of large inclined pipes of different lengths, a variety of shapes can be produced. In addition, two inclined pipes and two-color baking paint are used to set off each other, making the overall visual effect of the door body solemn.

2. The two inclined pipes are connected by the unique technology of red door (hidden fastener). There is no screw on the surface. The connection mode is scientific and reasonable, and the assembly is convenient and quick.

3. The product surface adopts two coating and two baking process. The bottom layer adopts epoxy resin powder spraying, high temperature curing, good adhesion and not easy to drop paint. The surface layer adopts outdoor paint with good weather resistance, which is not easy to fade.

4. The door body is of multi-layer structure. After the door is closed in place, the space occupied is small. The number of layers can be 2-5.

5. The opening clearance of the door body is large. The maximum clearance length of a single door can be up to 20 meters. The maximum clearance length of the opposite door can be up to 40 meters. It can meet the requirements of installing the gate in the super gate hole.

6. The door body adopts the new pulley structure, reduces the friction resistance, and the operation is more light.

7. The door body has wide chassis, good wind resistance, and is equipped with wind hook design. It can be installed with steel rail or aluminum alloy rail.

8. Products with infrared anti-collision, anti climbing alarm, anti pinch, anti-collision, emergency stop, manual clutch, leakage protection safety protection functions.

9. A guide device is installed at the bottom of the machine head and the wheel frame chassis. Each time the door body is closed in place, it will guide to the center line of the rail. Ensure that the door can be opened and closed in a straight line every time.

10. The head of the machine is equipped with a magnetic sensitive switch for opening and closing the door. The door body can automatically stop running every time the door is opened and closed in place.

11. The upper and lower frame structure of the door body adopts the unique design of rain, snow and sand dust entry, effectively blocking the rain, snow and sand dust from entering the inner side of the upper and lower frame, so as to ensure that the normal use of the door will not be affected by the adverse environmental conditions.

12. Hidden loop routing technology, to ensure the safety of electricity.

Panning door p863e product parameters & nbsp; < br / >
Standard height h < br / >
[door row height] < br / >


The most suitable product is < br / >
Width of small door opening < br / >

&Nbsp; door frame and door panel & nbsp; < br / >
&Nbsp; top height difference & nbsp; < br / >
(mm) & nbsp; bottom of door truss & nbsp; < br / >
&Nbsp; ground clearance & nbsp; < br / >
(mm) motor type and power reducer and < br / >
Deceleration ratio
AC motor DC motor


&Nbsp; 950 door frame width & nbsp; 215 135 & nbsp; < br / >
Single phase AC 300W < br / >

Single phase AC 500W < br / >


&Nbsp; 36V DC motor < br / >

(door length 18m < br / >
Available below) & nbsp; < br / >
&Nbsp; DC drive: < br / >
Gear reduction ratio 35:1 < br / >
AC drive: < br / >
1. Worm rv50. Speed ratio 30:1 < br / >
2. Select < br / >
The speed ratio is 30:1 < br / >

Limit length of flap door l < br / >
(excluding door frame length) (m) & nbsp; < br / >
&Nbsp; the limit length of single door body is 30m. The number of door bodies is 2-5 (rail) < br / >
&Nbsp; the limit length of door opening body is 60m. The number of door body pieces is 2-5 pieces (rail) < br / >
&Nbsp; trackless operation: the limit length of a single door opening body is 16m. The limit length of a door opening body is 32m < br / >
&Nb; note: no rail door. There will be a dislocation of 30mm-50mm after two doors are closed in place.


Technical parameters: < br / >
Working voltage: 220V earth 10%, 50Hz & mdash; 60Hz < br / >
Ambient temperature: - 20 & deg; C ~ 70 & deg; C < br / >
Ambient humidity: & le; 90% < br / >
Door operation speed: 17-18m / min < br / >
Rated voltage: 220V earth 10% < br / >
Rated power: 250W < br / >
Rated speed of motor: 1400R / min < br / >
Motor protection grade: IP54 < br / >
Motor insulation grade: F < br / >
Remote control distance: 50m (open) < br / >
Note: data parameters are for reference only. Please confirm the actual data with the local sales personnel.


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