Keqiao repair expansion door

Keqiao repair expansion door


Now, many large enterprises and garden communities widely use Keqiao Jiayao expansion door. Because of its powerful function and beautiful vision, it can be widely used in cities and small towns. However, for some campuses or amusement parks, if you use Shaoxing automatic expansion door, you should pay great attention to safety issues.
First of all, although the expansion door is beautiful, durable and high-grade, when it is used in some factories or amusement parks with large flow of people, it is necessary to prevent children's climbing and car collision. After multiple collisions, the expansion door will easily cause remote control failure. However, as long as maintenance is timely, the expansion door can be used normally in a short time.
Secondly, the daily use of the expansion door depends on the intelligent control system to open and close, so the high-grade expansion door is very flexible and light to use, and the expansion door has a good appearance effect from the glossiness, which is very advanced as the industrial area enterprise gate.
When the power is cut off, the retractable door can also be manually moved or pushed to pull the switch. It is not only convenient to use, but also light in volume, with a high degree of safety.

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